Today I achieved two things.

First, I mentioned to Missus Newbie about getting out and about a bit more, doing some walking, and maybe taking in some nature reserves whilst we do it. She’s very keen, which is great!

So, this coming Sunday, we’re going to pop over to Brockholes Nature Reserve to have a walk around and see what we can spot “with the naked eye”. And also to see if we can identify anything we spot...

Second, I called a few shops about binoculars, saying I was interested in 8 or 10x42, mid price range. A couple got back saying they had little or nothing in store to try out. One came back saying their Preston branch would have more. And seeing as Brockholes is in Preston, I was thinking we could kill to birds with one stone. Oh, wait...I’m probably not allowed to say that anymore...

I’ve emailed that Preston branch to see what they have in store, but they haven’t come back yet.

I’m especially interested in Hawke Sapphire 10x42’s due to the reviews they get around the web, so hopefully they’ll have a set in.


What on Earth is this about taxonomies? Apparently, this new year there is some “splitting and lumping” (!) in the some British taxonomy. And apparently, this is going to lead to several people “gaining lifers” overnight.

And apparently, Eddie’s in the space-time continuum, and this is his sofa.

I’ve been reading Bird Watching Magazine, and whilst it is fun and informative, some aspects, such as this, are baffling. Thanks to a pre-existing subscription to Readly, I get access to all new and back issues of Bird Watching (at least several years), which is great.

And it seems (from reading something in the letters page), that bird watchers don’t like photographers. Which is a shame, as I’m a photographer (amateur), and I have every intention of taking photos of some of the birds and other wildlife I encounter. Indeed, if you read my opening post, you’ll realise this is the primary purpose of me getting involved in birding.

So I’ll have to hope I don’t offend anybody when I turn up at Brockholes on Sunday with my DSLR and long lens. I promise to keep it within the hides, and not allow it to protrude...


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