Binoculars on Order

We didn’t manage to get out last weekend due to other commitments, but we are planning to take another trip out on Saturday if the weather is less than disasterous.

I haven’t decided where yet. Maybe Wigan Flashes, or perhaps a return to the river path at Brockholes.

In the meanwhile, I’ve taken the plunge and ordered a set of binoculars. To keep within a reasonable budget, I’ve steered clear of any “alpha’s”, and have ordered a pair of Hawke Sapphire 10x42 ED, in green, of course. Maybe someone will think they are Swarowski’s from a distance :)

I’ve ordered these based on several reviews, where they fare excellently for their price range. I have ordered online, which means I have the online shopping 30 day return guarantee, should anything not be to my taste.

Pat and I will share these for an outing or two, and if she likes them, I’ll order a second pair. If she doesn’t like them, at least we will know what she doesn’t like (they may be a little big and heavy, and she may prefer 32’s, for example), and we can go shopping.

I wanted to get these soon, though, for two reasons. Firstly, they will be nice to have on our walkabouts around the UK over the coming weeks and months. Secondly, by the time we go on the safari, I want using binoculars to be absolutely second nature, and not a novelty. This will ensure we get the best out of them, without them being something we feel we are wrestling with.

When the bins show up in a couple of days, I’ll post some pictures and initial thoughts.

In the meanwhile, you can find some info about them here. I paid less than the price on that page, by the way!


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